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Retiring Some Position Papers and Other Material

Because the Autonomy Party has made a number of paradigm and platform changes, a number of our position papers and other literature no longer accurately reflect the Autonomy Party's current views. Therefore, we are retiring these position papers and other literature (which are listed below.)

Please note that the retired material is still available for your review; it just no longer reflects our current views. We believe it's best to acknowledge our errors so we can learn from them; besides even if the material doesn't reflect our current views, the material still has some artistic value.

In some cases, we may still agree with the point of view expressed in a given position paper or other material, but do not agree with how the point of view is expressed.

Also please note, we may make additional removals at a later date.


4.  Petition to Ban Alcohol

6.  State of Minnesota V. Andrew Bushard (T8-03-4176) Official Pre Trial and Trial Transcripts

9.  Book: Evil: the Impact of Alcohol and the Power of the Alcohol Industry

11.  Book: Abortion is Murder

12.  Autonomy Party Report: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice Bias in Our Libraries?

13.  How Pro-Life is the Republican Party?  Answer: Not Very!

16.  Sticker: "Build Libraries, Shut Down Taverns"

17.  Sticker: "Abortion Doctors Are Terrorists"

20.  Sticker: "Boycott French Wine"

    Position Papers:

2. Gambling Decadence

3.  Marijuana: An Atrocious Abomination

4.  Disgraceful Alcohol 

5.  Progressive Income Tax

7.  Natural Hygiene

8.  Animal Rights

10.  Education Policy 

11.  Give Us Barter

16.  Gun Control is the Way to Go

23.  Hard Drugs

27.  Discrimination Based on Hair

28.  Worker Exploitation and the Minimum Wage

36.  Salary Caps

40.  Abolishing Corporate Communism

42.  Health Care

49.  The Trouble of Caffeine

51.  The Taxation of Alcohol

52.  Vegan Restaurant Initiative

53  Salvation from Alcohol and Drugs

54.  The Prohibition of Alcohol

56.  Dump your Wine and Champagne Down the Drain.

57.  It's Hard to Find Virtue in Hard Liquor

58.  Seduction in Our Culture (about alcohol advertisement)

59.  A Lost Nation (about alcohol)

60.  Drying America's Tears (about alcohol)

61.  Ban Together to Ban Alcohol

62.  The Fun and Exuberant Prohibitionist Autonomy Party Republic

63.  Obnoxious and Rowdy Behavior (about alcohol)

64.  Alcohol Obliterating Family Values

65.  Alcohol's Influence on Rape and Sexual Assault

66.  Binge Drinking

67.  The Sadism of Alcohol

69.  Alcohol Yanking Energy Away from the Vital

70.  Drunk Driving Deaths

71.  The Courts and Alcohol

72.  Protecting Youth from Drugs

73.  Minus the Fines, Our Drunk Driving Laws Are Good

75.  Hurray for Ignition Locks on All Vehicles

79.  Retroactive Justice is Real Justice

82.  The Shame of Our New Year's Holiday

83.  Dram Shop Laws with a Twist

84.  Drunk Driving is al-Qaeda's Dream Come True!

86.  Drunk Driving Activists Should be Oxymorons

87.  Both the Liver and the Lung

88.  Poetic Justice for Drunk Driving

92.  The Troops Should be Sent to Destroy Abortion Clinics, Breweries, Tobacco Shops, Taverns and Animal Exploiting Establishments

94.  There is One Type of Corporation Anti Corporate Activists Don't Seem to Mind

95.  Alcohol and Broken Glass

98.  The Farce of Moderation in Everything

100. Liberals: The Cornucopia of Reasons to Boycott the Liquor Industry

102. A Shameful Position of the Liquor Industry

103.  Hard on Crime, Easy on Drunk Driving

104.  Boycott French....................

105.  Boycott Cuban.......

108.  Major Miasma and the Ultimate Self Mutilation

111.  Bars Open on Christmas, Yet Christians Don’t Care?

115.  The State of Minnesota V. Andrew Bushard (T8-03-004176)

116.  The Folly of the Prosecutors and the Police

117.  A Neo-Prohibitionist Perspective of the October 4th, 2003 Mankato Riot

118.  Best of Friends: the Murderous Abortion Doctor and the Police Officer

120.  The Perils of Joseph's Liquor of 402 N. 4th St, Mankato, MN 56001

122.  Never in the Mood [for alcohol]

123.  How Important is Your Buzz?

124.  Is Everyone a Liquor Industry Apologist?

126.  A High Tax on One of the Most Decadent Practices in America (not alcohol this time)

127.  The Autonomy Party Urges a Boycott of French Wine

128.  Blame Alcohol!

129.  Instead of Building a Tavern

130.  Another Axis of Evil

132.  Defeat Peter Coors!

137.  The Alcohol Industry Must Love Welfare

138.  Profit Free, Money Free, and Post-Capitalism

141.  A Skier Who Never Skies or a Pro-Lifer Who Never Advances the Pro-Life Cause

142.  Using Eminent Domain For Positive Purposes

143.  A Pro-Life Pledge

146.  Bankers Have the Power to Stop Abortion

No More Monthly Fasting for Mumia Abu Jamal

Effective Immediately, the Autonomy Party is discontinuing its practice of fasting at least monthly for the freedom of Mumia Abu Jamal.  We still support his freedom; we are just devoting this energy to better places.  Hopefully, we will be having more political fasts in the future; we'll see how inspiration arises!

Giving Up Authoritarianism

The Autonomy Party is now giving up all traces of authoritarianism (though not all traces of autocracy since even the US founders put elements of that in); specifics are to follow.

Federation Without Television Talk:

"Why Television is Bad and the Internet is Good"

Saturday Sept 26th 3:30 p.m.

Maplewood Public Library 3025 Southlawn Dr., Maplewood, MN 55109

Why I Don't Watch Television

Let's Talk About:

"Political Transformation"

Saturday May 30th 3:30 p.m. Maplewood Public Library 3025 Southlawn Avenue Maplewood MN 55109


Changes Reflecting Recent Policy Decision

Due to the recent move by this party to lift our ban on drugs, I have removed some things from our party materials to reflect this change.  Let me say that our party does not all of the sudden love alcohol or other drugs, rather I've just come to the conclusion that to ban them is counterproductive.  In addition to the following deletions, any other party material that supports the ban on drugs is to be considered null and void.  In interest of honesty and learning and growth, nothing will be shoved under the rug, instead we will admit the understandable errors in the past, learn from them, and be the best we can be. 
I removed the following paragraph from our platform:

When something causes endless suffering and is fundamentally absolutely no good, the only due remedy is to prohibit it.  This is why the Autonomy Party calls for a ban on the sale, manufacture, distribution and consumption of intoxicating substances.  However, the repercussions for violating our prohibition shall not be criminal in nature.  Alcohol, tobacco, LSD, PCP, Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Opium and any and all other drugs shall be prohibited and these drugs themselves will be targeted rather than the users of these drugs.  The police force shall be empowered to completely destroy every one of these substances which they shall come across.  Entire inventories of illicit substances will be destroyed.  The police shall be empowered to shut down shops and vendors which attempt to peddle these unsavory corrupting substances.  Users clearly will NOT be criminally punished for using drugs is punishment enough.  Selling drugs to children shall be deemed a horrible sin.  We must protect the purity and innocence of our precious children.  Ours shall be a sXe republic.
I removed the following petition, since it is no longer the objective; it is officially null and void:




Petition to Ban Alcohol:


We, the Undersigned, are sick in the stomach and hurt in

the heart

due to  all the rape and sexual assault, drunk driving deaths,

child abuse and neglect, divorce

anxiety and other psychological disorders, cirrhosis of the


liver and other health problems,

enslavement through addiction and dependence, bad decisions,

destroyed property, drunk driving deaths and injuries,

depression, damaged property of innocent business owners,

insincerity and phony personalities, rowdy and obnoxious behavior,

avoiding dealing with problems, sour moods, rage, angst, violence, clogged courts,

declined productivity in labor and a host of other problems

caused and / or instigated and / or worsened by alcohol [as the temperance movement noted].


We recognize that alcohol is pernicious and harmful similar to

currently illegal drugs. We do not believe it should not be

considered legitimate to permit the sale and distribution of this horrible drug.


We the undersigned are baffled as to the legal system's

desire to keep alcohol use legitimate despite all the endless

harm it seems to cause and aggravate, we ask

"What great good does alcohol do that justifies its continued legalization

despite all this horrific harm?"


We the Undersigned demand a Neo-prohibition of alcohol.

We recommend a ban of alcohol. We do not believe users should be

imprisoned or penalized for mere consumption of alcohol for

alcohol is its own punishment. We do believe the government

shall direct its efforts in eradicating produced alcohol and the process alcohol production.


Signed Name, Printed name, address, email or telephone number












send endorsements and petition forms to:
I removed the following sentence from our leaflet "The Type of Party We Are"

Thus we believe that our government should search for and exterminate all recreational drugs without criminally penalizing the drug users themselves.

In order to honor my knowledge of spiritual and psychological principles, in order to be consistent with the liberation I am advancing, this party no longer supports the banning of alcohol or other drugs.  We still oppose the existence of the industry and we hope to see it decline.  But to ban drugs is counterproductive.  This is not so much a new insight, as going back to what has always been in my soul.  I shall set the example by living cleanly and hope others will voluntarily follow me, but with no obligation.  I no longer want other people making me into something I'm not, and I'm afraid I may have embraced this whole ban drugs position as a form of self sabotage.  Long live sXe!

Let's chat about:
"Advancing Political Third Parties: The Autonomy Party Way"

Saturday March 21st 2009 3:30 p.m.
Maplewood Public Library 3025 Southlawn
Drive, Maplewood MN 55109

Autonomy Party
PO Box 580878
Minneapolis MN
http://www. autonomyparty. com
Sponsored by Federation Without Television

Let’s chat about:

“Democracy Sucks:

Going Abroad

Reaffirmed My Conviction”

Saturday, Feb 28th 2:00 p.m., Conference Room of Maplewood Public Library, 3025 Southlawn Drive, Maplewood, MN 55109.


A political third party, the Autonomy Party, would like to speak with you about "The Four Missions of the Autonomy Party"

Come chat with us at the Maplewood Public Library Conference Room, Saturday February 7th, 2009, 1:30 p.m. 3025 Southlawn Drive, Maplewood MN 55109.

Liberation and Justice Loving Females
For the new all female security force
Of the revolutionary Autonomy Party
(In the Twin Cities Area)

Martial Arts/Security/Police/Military Experience a Plus (but not required)

Must be non-drinker/non-drug user or willing to quit immediately

Visit and and if you like what you see and want to apply for the security force, send some background information about yourself to

Freer Platform

In order to be more liberty loving, I have revamped our platform and the leaflet "The Type of Party We Are".  I cut parts out to reflect our move for less control, and these platform and leaflet cuts reflect the recent position repeals we have made.  View our new revised platform at 

New Position

The Autonomy Party is no longer banning pro choicers from membership.
The party line shall stay pro-life but we do not want to prevent great
pro-choicers from joining. Pro-choicers, you are welcome to be members
of the Autonomy Party.

Repeal of Two Positions

In order to be less anal retentive; in order to better pick and choose our battles; in order to minimize governmental control: The Autonomy Party hereby repeals its ban on animal products. The ban was going too far. Also in the same vein, the Autonomy Party lifts its maximium wage proposal.

The Autonomy Party definetly still believes the vegan way is the most revolutionary way! The Autonomy Party is a dynamic political party: a party not afraid to keep growing and keep getting better!

The Autonomy Party is Becoming Less Anal Retentive!

By Andrew Bushard

A core value of the Autonomy Party is dynamic growth. Our party is constantly growing and even transforming.  We are willing to change and are not afraid of improving ourselves.

Currently, the Autonomy Party has become too anal retentive and restrictive. The party is spreading itself too thin and wasting energy. In order to clarify our purpose and to declutter ourselves of unnecessary baggage, I am hereby repealing a number of a past positions of the Autonomy Party:

A. The Autonomy Party removes its tax on sex changes and although it recognizes that sex changes are sick, it does not seek to prohibit them.

B. The ban on caffeine is lifted. Caffeine is not necessary, but it is going too far to ban caffeine. Drugs that are super bad like alcohol deserved to be banned (yet decriminalized), not drugs like caffeine. A caffeine ban alienates people and it is unlikely that a ban on caffeine would come to fruition. It is silly to ban caffeine!

C. Gun control is lifted entirely. We support gun rights fully.

D. We no longer are banning gambling. Gambling is unwise, yes, but it’s not worth it to ban it.

E. Previously it was declared that the military budget could not exceed the education budget. Screw that.

F. Those who attend the Autonomy Party Training Camp to activate their membership will no longer be required to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, abstain from caffeine, or abstain from television and mainstream media (though abstaining from the aforementioned substances is strongly encouraged.)

G. There may be more repeals yet to come!

Generally, it is wise to be flexible and open in regard to nearly all matters, except for core values. Relative in most things, absolute in a few. That is a good approach for government. When greater harm than good comes from being restrictive, we want to remove restrictions The Autonomy Party no longer wants to be OCD and anal retentive! The Autonomy Party is starting to pick and choose its battles wisely! The Autonomy Party is a dynamic party, ever ready to improve!


For those of you who don't know, I am engaged in a huge battle for the souls of our children. I believe public education destroys our children and I wrote a book called 95 Theses Against the School System about it.

Today (09/04/07), I took some bold action to expose the evil school system what it is.

One day while running I saw a sign which said, "50 signs for $89" I previously thought signs were too expensive, so I checked the site out and it looked feasible. I thought it was a great opportunity to spread my liberating message.

I chose some strong but true language about the public schools and about a psychopath who is considered one of the best there. I was afraid the place might not make my signs because the message was so controversal. The place confirms orders by calling you so I was apprehensive about the call. The woman who called just wanted to check if the place had the message the way I wanted it. She was unbelievably nonchalant! It was as if I was creating signs which said, "Shop at KMART". I guess with some places as long as you give them the money, they don't care what you want to say. That's good old capitalism for you. I was similarly surprised when during the parade I particpated in in June, in which I handed out the stickers, "Public Schools Suck! Long Live Homeschooling and Free Schools!" it was as if I was passing out ads for Dairy Queen, since almost no one reacted harshly. It's so surprising since sometimes I do something and people react harshly when I never expected it, and when I fear it, and they act mild.

So I awoke this morning at 2 a.m on the first day of school. This is 3 hours earlier than usual. I had a lot to do. I had to bike to North St. Paul which is about 4 miles away. North St. Paul is part of the school district and is where the District Center is located. So I put a number of the signs in my backpack and I carried a bag of the metal sticks that go into the signs. Unfortunately, this meant that I would have to install the metal sticks in the signs on the spot, because the signs were too large to carry in my backpack installed. This made it more clumsy.

The signs said:

"Peter Mau is a Psychopath!
District 622 Does Evil!
Teachers Lie and Manipulate!
Schools Drug Kids!"

I first went to a spot which was quasi-secluded; there is foot traffic there, but people wouldn't notice the signs as much here as in more wide open places. I wanted to do this first, because if someone stopped me in the middle of this, there would still be signs up somewhere. It was pretty cool how well I was pulling this off. While in North St. Paul, two cops passed by me, but they did not take any notice. I put these signs up in the major walking sections of North St. Paul. I even found a new place in North St. Paul I never saw before, even though I go to North St. Paul all the time.

After I was done there, I biked back to Oakdale. I decided it might be more efficient to assemble the signs in my apartment then carry them while walking. I placed a number around my neighborhood. Then I realized that walking worked so well, I would install the rest on foot. I went to a major sidewalk in Oakdale (and folks there are not many sidewalks in Oakdale). Interestingly, as I was walking down this sidewalk, a cop vehicle went by, but did not take any notice of me. On this major sidewalk I put the rest of the signs. I felt accomplished that I got all 50+ signs planted without anyone having stopped me.

The signs were placed as follows:

5 signs on the state trail by the Ramsey County Public Library - North St. Paul branch which is on 1st St. N.

4 signs at the park by Century and 19th in North St. Paul

1 sign between Charles and Henry streets on 17th St. in North St. Paul

6 signs on 7th St. N. in North St. Paul

4 signs + 2 of the advertising signs on 1st St. N. in North St. Paul

10 signs between 12th and 14th streets on Gershwin in Oakdale

7 signs between 12th and 10th streets on Gershwin in Oakdale

15 signs between Holy Cross Lutheran Church & 6543 10th St. N. on 10th St. N. in Oakdale

50+ signs? Yes, over the telephone, the woman offered me a deal. She said she would throw in a couple of extra signs, if I placed the place's signs near them. I thought: you want to be associated with this. I accepted, so in North St. Paul, I planted two of those signs near some of mine. It sure must be odd to see thesse atypical signs for suburbia, then to say an apropos sign which says, "Buy more signs like these!"

I thought out the best way to do this. For example, I tried to place the signs so the backs would be to the cars. Why did I do this? Because if cops saw the front of the signs as they were coming by, they might take them down, but if they saw a blank sign back in the dark, it would not catch their eyes.

I know that some of the earliest risers are the students because schools start at ungodly hours, so I hope some of them saw the signs.

I went on my run like usual. As I was coming back, it looked like some woman from a van was taking down my signs. Who is she? I also realized that bus drivers are out early too, so maybe they reported the signs. I wonder who would have taken down the signs. I wonder who is the "hero" who first discovered the signs! I wonder if they found all the signs and how many people would have saw them before they were removed. I wonder if the person taking down the signs felt valiant. I guess they didn't want the truth about the public schools out. Contrast that to me, I bring even my darkest hours out to the open. I made a serious error in a certian matter recently, but I wrote about it candidly and openly in my public ONLINE journal. They don't have that same integrity. They like evildoers everywhere want to hide their evil.

I caught an early bus and faded into Downtown St. Paul. I went to the Rivertown Market and I never went there before. The one man is very friendly and the prices although typical for a small grocery store, aren't all terrible. The place even has Ezekeil 4:9 bread. Now I'm in the Minneapolis Central Library.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. If you don't hear from me, now you know a likely reason!

Long live homeschooling and free schools!
Save our children from evil!

Let's Start a Free School in the Oakdale area!

District 622 is doing many rotten deeds!
The School System is evil!
Let's start a free school (a school without mandatory
curriculum or compulsory attendance)!

Needed are brave, innovative, pioneering, liberation
loving parents!

Let's get together and start a free school!

Free schools beat regular mediocore oppressive schools
any day!
Long live free schools!

If you are interested, contact

Autonomy Party


Because of the posting of the 95 Theses Against the School System, District 622 banned the founder of the Autonomy Party from all school property of District 622 for one year.  Such is permitted under Minnesota Statute 609.605 http://  Gene Janicke, Director of Teaching and Learning for District 622 said he was doing this because of my "disturbing and threatening communication regarding District 622 and certian employees of it."  Indeed, this book threatens evil and falsehood ,the foundations of the school system.  If I really did anything wrong, I would likely have at least been charged with a crime, but since I wasn't, we can conclude the District is just trying to go after someone who brings forth the truth.  Furthermore, I never intended on setting foot on school property anyways.  Is District 622 afraid of the truth and liberation?   

Posting of 95 Theses Against the School System

On October 31st, 2006, I posted 95 Theses Against the School System on a pole near the school which formerly employed me.  I also posted a copy of the same document across the street from the District Center of District 622.  On that day, I also held a pro homeschooling and free schooling rally of which most was recorded on audio tape.  The reason October 31st was chosen as the date was not because it is Halloween, but because it was the date in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. 

If you would like a copy of this document, it is available free in PDF format.  Just send the Autonomy Party your email address. 

Long Live 95 Theses Against the School System!  Long Live the Autonomy Party!



Educational Levies Fail!

Hurray Hurray! 


The Autonomy Party is happy to report that on November 7th, the District 622 educational levies failed!  A great victory!  I was thinking they were likely to pass, so the voters of District 622 pleasantly surprised me!  Long live homeschooling and free schools!  Long live the Autonomy Party! 

VOTE NO on the Educational Levy



I recently received a likely not cheap to produce piece of propaganda from District 622 about the upcoming educational funding referendums. District 622 wants to get its greedy hands on more of your hard earned cash.

I’m planning to vote against these referendums.

I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you that salaries for school district employees are way too high. In District 622, principals earn about $80,000 to $100,000 dollars a year for doing too little. Principals could easily live on half of that. Teachers earn as high as about $65,000 a year. I looked on the district website for the salaries of administrators, but I could not find any specific information. Why isn’t this information easily accessible? Administrative salaries are usually in or at least near the six figure range. This is way way way too high for doing too little. We need to slash these salaries.

Many of these high earning district employees don’t even live within the boundaries of District 622 like I and many other taxpayers do, thus higher taxes will only benefit them while hurting us!

When I worked for District 622, I attempted to be as useful as possible. I consistently attempted to make use of myself, but in my second year especially, my supervisors would not let me be used to my fullest capacity. For example, I once volunteered to help a special education student after school for math, but my offer was refused for legalistic reasons. 

I volunteered to teach summer enrichment classes in Latin, self actualization, leadership, and others subjects for FREE and these classes required NO extra supplies at all, but the district denied the children this opportunity. Why should District 622 get more of your hard earned cash when it doesn’t even use the resources it has? 

There are many more reasons why the school system does not need more of your hard earned dollars. I have written a book entitled 95 Theses Against the School System, which I offer in PDF format and on occasion in print format, for FREE [no longer for FREE]. So if you are interested, send me your email address.

Instead of this terrible school system, we need homeschooling and free schools (schools without mandatory curriculum and compulsory attendance). Long live homeschooling and free schools! May the current school system forever perish!

Andrew Bushard

6282 12th St. N.


Oakdale MN 55128

News from the Autonomy Party

Up with Libraries,

Smash Alcohol Establishments


(~82.39 miles)


The run begins on May 27th at 6:30 a.m. at 6282 12th St. N., Oakdale, MN and passes by every public library in the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. 


Sponsored by the Autonomy Party (



Long Live Libraries,

Forever Die Taverns and

Liquor Shops Ultra Run!


October 1st, 2005 6:30 a.m.

Starting at 6282 12th St. N. Oakdale MN 55128

~82.39 miles


This route passes by every public library in St. Paul and Minneapolis, ending at Minneapolis’s Weber Park branch.

 Entry is free. 


The Build Libraries,

Shut Down Taverns Run

(34.92 miles)


May 29th, 2005 6:30 a.m.

Beginning at 6282 12th St. N.

 Oakdale, MN


The purpose of the run is to raise awareness of the virtues of libraries and the evils of alcohol. 

The route goes past all 13 branches of the St. Paul Public Library system.




Autonomy Party Paper

One Hundred Thirty Two

Defeat Peter Coors!

By Andrew Bushard


In Colorado, surely, lemmings are saying, “Sweet!  Peter Coors, the beer dude, is running for Senate!  He is one of the coolest dudes around!  Let’s help him get elected.  Maybe he’ll even give free beer to supporters”.


If greedily earning obscene profits and being a key player in one of the largest drug rings in the world is not enough, Peter Coors tries to be an even greater menace to society.  According to Russ Bellant in The Coors Connection: How Coors Family Philanthropy Undermines Democratic Pluralism, the Coors Corporation has a long history of opposing the good of America including unions and workers rights, racial diversity, and the environment. 


Peter Coors is still not content; his lust for power is still not satiated.  He now is running for the Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat!  He deserves to be defeated and his empire deserves to be demolished.


At the very best, Coors is just a bland cookie cutter Republican with nothing novel or innovative to offer.  If that’s him in the best light, then there is no reason to vote for him since we need mavericks and we need new ideas.  At worst, he has destroyed millions of lives and has deprived our civilization of advancement and fulfillment. 


If Coors wins this race, Colorado and the rest of America are doomed.  I urge all Colorado citizens to vote for a third party candidate instead of this dangerous drug dealer.  Defeat Coors and destroy his evil empire!  Colorado, it’s up to you to save our nation.


Autonomy Party Releases Book

Now available free from the Autonomy Party is the book Evil: the Impact of Alcohol and the Power of the Alcohol IndustryEmail for your free copy. 
Distance Running for the Revolution

For the following long distance running races, Andrew Bushard used the opportunity of a completing a long distance race to promote the Autonomy Party Revolution.  He focused on promoting prohibition/teetotalism and veganism, or prohibition/teetotalism and libraries, which are key pillars of our Autonomy Party Revolution:


March 15, 2003 Shamrock Marathon (26.2 miles) Virginia Beach, VA


April 19, 2003 Trail Mix Ultra 50 Kilometer race (31.2 miles) Bloomington, MN


May 24, 2003 Blackfoot Ultra 50 Mile race Edmonton, AB


April 17, 2004 Trail Mix Ultra 50 Kilometer race (31.2 miles) Bloomington, MN


June 20, 2004 Manitoba Marathon (26.2 miles) Winnipeg, MB


May 29, 2005 Build Libraries Shut Down Taverns Run (34.92 miles) Oakdale/St. Paul, MN (run was organized by the Autonomy Party)


October 1 and 2, 2005 Long Live Libraries Forever Die Taverns and Liquor Shops Run

(~82.39 miles)

(run was organized

by the Autonomy Party)





Autonomy Party Paper

One Hundred Twenty Seven

The Autonomy Party Urges

A Boycott of French Wine

By Andrew Bushard


Are you disgusted with France?

Are you offended by France's conduct of late?

Do you believe France needs to be put in its place?


Then, you must boycott French Wine! 


Wine is renowned as one of France's top exports, thus one of the best ways to stick it to the French is by boycotting French Wine.  Refuse to finance shameful France's Wine industry.  Boycotting French Wine is a great way to express your disapproval of France!     


It is time to bring those arrogant French Wine snobs to their knees.  Thus the Autonomy Party urges good folks like you to boycott French Wine. 


Boycott French Wine! 


Autonomy Party Paper

One Hundred Seventeen

A Neo-Prohibitionist Perspective of the October 4th, 2003 Mankato Riot

By Andrew Bushard


This year I was dreading our Homecoming celebration.  I hate festivities where large numbers of people get drunk.  In my wildest dreams, I never expected our Homecoming celebration to be what it degenerated into this year.  I could never imagine a riot would result! 


Of course, the culprit was alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!  This has got to be one of the worst examples locally of the grave dangers of the liquor industry! 


The situation was so bad even my liquor loving peers having condemned this horrendous abuse of alcohol.


We must get rid of this menace of alcohol!


This city of Mankato has failed us.  This city put ME on trial only a couple of weeks prior (fortunately I won the trial) for protesting Joseph's Liquor.  They put me on trial, me, someone, who is doing tons to save the city (and the nation) from the great miasma of alcohol.  But they persecute me and they refuse to listen!


The culprit of this riot was not pizza, soda or even frosting, it was alcohol.  


Why does the city obstinately refuse to do anything of substance to stop the damage of the liquor industry? 


Perhaps Timothy Shay Arthur in his phenomenal book Ten Nights in a Barroom and What I Saw There (1854) put it best when he said "Who among us has the right to sow death and disease in our communities?"


I ask what good has liquor done for us?  The bad is endless.  When a substance does endless harm and no good at all, why do people insist on keeping it around?


The culprit of this riot is clear.  The culprit of this riot is the liquor industry.


This riot didn't have to happen.  If the city would have prevented the liquor industry from taking over, it likely would have not happened. 


But nobody listens.  It's time to banish liquor once and for all.  Banishing liquor is a great way to prevent riots in the future. Banish liquor now! 


Abolish the liquor industry now!  If we don't banish alcohol, next time it might be even worse!




Mankato One Andrew Bushard acquitted!:

A historical event occcurred on Tuesday September 23rd, 1:30 p.m. in the Blue Earth County Courthouse. Andrew Bushard was put on bench trial for the petty misdeamenor offense of disorderly conduct for when I protested the shameful shop of Joseph's Liquor because I believe it is immoral to sell posion. I'm innocent and it's a major injustice I'm was tried at all. Of course, for any of you who are acquainted with me, you should realize that if I'm being put on trial, the system is being stupid and petty (I should not forget to mention: egregiously unjust) for doing it.

The verdict:

I was very happy to see a friend of mine show up for the trial. His wife also came. He told me he had to critique a speaker for his speech class and was going to critique me. The friend recognized Larry Kreps and told me Officer Kreps had been working for Mankato for a long time. He's hair is white, so I hope soon he will retire. Those cops were all buddies with Mr. Cain, my prosecutor. The friend noticed this too. Before we all went into the courtroom, I told Mr. Cain, what others have said "Remember your job is get justice, not just raw convictions." His response was a smart aleck "right.", which his attitude was probably induced by his cocky comraderie with the bad cops.

The judge was impatient and he didn't like my style. Mr. Cain's case was even worse than it was before. It was almost pathetic. All he called was two police officers, Becky Erickson and Dan Schisel. He didn't call Larry Kreps, which should tell you something about Larry Kreps's actions that day. He didn't even call Doreen Grave, the owner of the store. Becky Erickson was up first, soon I objected to heresey. Mr. Cain found exception to it, and did his one impressive action of the day, by quoting the exact paragraph which he believed explained it. This objection of mine caused the judge to stew it over for awhile, looking in a book and trying to figure out what the passage intended. He decided he would overrule my objection. Then a bit latter, he told Becky Erickson what she said was objectionable, with me having to object. I made a couple of hersey objections. My first objection he told me not to talk so loud since I'm only 10 feet away from him. The second objection he said I did better but I could still tone it down. I asked some very good questions of Becky Erickson and I got the better of her. The judge did stop me from asking questions which were intrepretations of the law and mention of court of appeals rulings, plus my questions about how wrong it was for her to believe what the Graves said, also I asked whether charging me for a misdeamenor for a nonviolent offense was too drastic she said no. He told me I could later impress him with my knowledge of the law. One time he said it is him who must consider the law, they the facts. Dan Schisel was a little tougher. The only problem he presented was some nonsense about a boulevard I might have been standing on. But I got the best of him too. I was very firm and assertive. One question he tried to circumvent but I cut him off and told him to answer my question, a couple of times. He even put his hand up which was apparently supposed to intimidate me, but it certiantly did not, and I told him to answer the question I asked. I then took the stand. I told what happened. Just as I expected Mr. Cain's questions were very weak. He couldn't pin anything on me. He didn't have that many questions either. Then the judge asked us if we wanted to make an arguement. Mr. Cain declined. I accepted. I asked him if I could stand. He said I could but I could also sit. I stood. He told me to make it brief and not give him an "exposition of my worldview". He said not to make it twenty minutes but a minute. I argued that the Court of Appeals ruled that one must present "imminent physical harm" to be convicted of disorderly conduct, and that in one case the Court of Appeals ruled that even though one defendant called police dirty names, it still was not disorderly conduct. I told him that the Court of Appeals also ruled that this law cannot be used "for social engineering purposes or to combat rudeness", thus I suggested that even if I said what they claimed I said, it still would not be disorderly conduct. I ruled that rights are intrinsically rewarding. I stressed the fact their case sucked because they couldn't even get the owner of the store there, much less an independent witness. I believe I also explained how I don't have to talk to cops, I have good reasons, but even if I didn't I still don't have I started to talk about how Larry Kreps, the person who violated my 4th amendment rights by forefully taking my bag without my permission than proceeding to search for it, and Joseph's Liquor were the bad side today. I started to say something about Mr. Cain, but the Judge cut me off. I sure would have liked to give a more through explanation of my view. That sucked.

One time in the trial the judge said "I know you are aware of your rights"

Then the Judge announced his verdict. He said the fact that I denied calling Chrisitina McDonald, who was not there to testify a "fetal alcohol baby" which was what their whole case was based on, was enough to cause reasonable doubt. he further suggested that even if I did say that, he wasn't sure if it consisted of fighting words, since that phrase doesn't normally cause a violent reaction in people. He said all that was proven was I was a pain in the butt for Joseph's Liquor, but I appeared to be doing nothing that was prohibited by the law and the constitution, therefore he decided to consider me NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The losing side filed out of the courtroom right away. I said to the Judge "I have one request". The judge said "No requests." I gave it to him anyways. I said I wanted my fingerprints back since I was not guilty. He said "I think you'll have to talk to the LEC about that. I think once you're booked you're booked." 

The friend shook my hand and told me congradulations, also telling me he had to run to class.

I really embarassed Mr. Cain, I imagine. Some 25 year old defeated him. That rocks. It was also great I got to hold Becky Erickson and Dan Schisel accountable. The coward who is Larry Kreps did not have the courage to testify, or to be accountable. My reaction after beating them was laughter! I laughed for awhile, then I started to cheer!

STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. I like Jesse Ventura said in his book, am 1-0 in my law career.

My conclusions are the Judge is not as decent as I thought he was, but of course it rocked royally that he found me not guilty. It may have been because I knew the law real good. Mr. Cain is also a bit less respectable in my mind now. Mr. Cain looks and likely will look awfully silly in the historical perspective.

When you are committed to defending the status quo at all costs, which a district attorney is committed to doing, you will inevitably do the absurd and even the unjust.

The trial probably only lasted an hour or less. Thus a transcript of the trial, which I want to get probably won't cause all that much even though they charge an arm and a leg for it. Maybe between 50-100 dollars??

It felt great to be assertive and stand up for what is right. It's great to not let them intimidate you! it feels awesome to win. I also love the bill of rights for giving me these rights.

I'm even more convinced the lawyers, the cops and to some degree the judge, are seriously unjust. Those cops are losers. Mr. Cain has serious problems too. I bet they feel so embarassed right now! It's awesome for a 25 year old non lawyer to defeat an assistant district attorney. 

I guess its important to ask yourself what can authority do, if they can't do anything that bothers you, you should probably go ahead with the action!

yay for the bill of rights
yay for the power of the right
yay for Andrew Bushard



21 Day Fast Sucessfully Completed!

    From November 1st through November 21st, I fasted. (for a total of 21 days.)   I fasted to call on the taverns of this city to close down and erect vegan restaurants in the place of their previously destructive and decadent businesses.  Why should the taverns sell harmful products when they could be selling something good?  If the taverns of this city, choose not to do the right action on their own, then I encourage the local government to be smart like MSU, and to make this city and county dry .  We don't need any more taverns, but we sure need more vegan restaurants.  I also call on the taverns and legislators of other cities and counties, and even the nation at large, to do the same.  A nation that is focused on purity (both the purity of sobriety and of veganism) is a saved nation.  Fasting is beautiful and I seek to use this powerful tool for justice.  I hope that others will be inspired to join me in this, whether you fast one day or 14 days or more, it all helps.  At the very least, you can sign a petition I have created to call on those in power to make this nation a dry nation.  If we want change, we must make profound sacrifices.  we must work to dry the endless flowing tears caused by Alcohol industry.  I hope this fast can dry some tears.  I hope this fast can help destroy pervasive miasma.   
    Andrew Bushard