Autonomy Party

The Party of "Enlightened Self Interest"

Autonomy Party Membership Application

Autonomy Party
Membership Application

I, ________________________, pledge to uphold the Autonomy Party's mission or work to improve the party's mission.

I pledge loyalty to the Autonomy Party leadership when I deem the leadership to be just and am free to disobey when the leadership fails to be just. If my conduct threatens the party's interests, Revolutionary #2 may terminate my membership.

I pledge to be straight edge or something more disciplined.

I pledge to live as consistently with Autonomy Party values as I possibly can. I pledge to be a revolutionary or something better.

I understand that in order for activate my membership, I need to complete the Autonomy Party Training Camp or its equivalent.

On this date of ____________________, I hereby become a member of the Autonomy Party.

Signed ________________________________________

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