Autonomy Party

The Party of "Enlightened Self Interest"

The Party of the Underdogs

In a book by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges, they suggest that an organization focus on 3 or 4 main objectives.  Before even reading the book, I had already done exactly that in my personal life.  Thus the Autonomy Party now will do the same.  The Three Main Missions of the Autonomy Party are:


1.  Servant Leadership/"Enlightened Self Interest"

2.  Eclecticism/Dynamic Synthesis of Political Ideas

(Incorporating Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Socialist, Anarchist, Communist, Progressive, Autocratic, Meritocratic Ideas Under One Roof)

3.  Advancement of Political Third Parties

(e.g. ballot access reform, election law reform, encouraging voting for 3rd parties)



We, the Underdogs Can Win!

Join the Autonomy Party, the party of the Underdog!


Autonomy Party



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